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Music is perhaps the oldest form of art that has been around since the dawn of human history. Most of the music instruments have a history that extends back several centuries, and while their basic idea and construction stay the same, modern technologies allow musicians and manufacturers to improve instruments and make them sound better. One of the most beautiful and respected music instruments is undoubtedly a violin, and our web store a range of various violins and related accessories to offer you.

First off, modern violins can be broken down in two categories: acoustic violins and electric ones. An acoustic violin is an original type of violin that uses general principles of acoustics and has an hourglass-shaped body. The voice of such a violin depends on what kind of wood it’s made from, its shape, varnish and other factors. If you’re going for a classical sound and voice of an acoustic violin and value tradition, we at Toko Biola are happy to offer you a lineup of acoustic violins. The selection is very broad, as we sell violins of different sizes, colors and materials, and all of the important characteristics like weight, length, thickness, fingerboard material, board material and many others are listed.

If you want the benefits of an electric violin, Toko Biola can help you with that too. Electric violins are equipped with an electronic output for its sound and have an electric pickup. Of course, this allows the violin to be louder by using amplifiers, gives it a modern vibe and makes it possible to make violins of different weird and beautiful shapes, as certain acoustics and structure of a violin’s body are not necessary here.

Finally, there is a range of accessories for violin players, which include different bows, various tailpieces, chinrests and other parts.

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